Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Insomniacs Unite

1:21 AM, Tuesday, October 18 2011

Well, here I am on another night beating off to Samantha Anderson porn and wishing I were somewhere else. I live in fucking beautiful Surrey B.C., after all. Updating my website, "Star Trek: New Worlds" and trolling TrekBBS, among other sites for fanon not wiped out by Paramount-Viacom or the death of geoshitties. Trying to get the horndogs of the literotica forums to come up with something remotely resembling a story or plot involving old rpg characters from star trek play-by-email sims.

Instead of taking down the Borg, I'm hoping to see the creators of these old defunct star trek Fan Fics and RPG characters going in entirely new directions -- getting flogged, spanked, dressed up in corsets, lingeree, and thigh-high bitch boots, breastfed, pimped out, shared/watched, or "pegged" on the holodeck.

I'm hoping someone notifies Dan Savage of the advice column "Savage Love" about this blog, so that he'll chime in on this, somewhere along the line. (Ha Ha.) 

On the personal-life front, I'm looking at my 9 month Anniversary with my girlfriend Amber Mackey of Ridgecrest California U.S.A. Despite me being a complete asshole, she still sees a reason to hang out with me. God Bless Her. (Thanks my baby for correcting me on the details.) 

"Star Trek: New Worlds"

The All-Important What Not To Do (When Creating A Fic Site)  link, addressing everything from starship art, Starship registries (NCC 1701-A), and LGBT / Straight relationships between characters.

I stumbled over this one.

U.S.S. Quintessential - Battle Scars

U.S.S. Quintessential - Dr. Boom Doom (The Changeling)

I found a blog / fic via Trek Writers' Guild, I thought everyone should check out. Author: Jaime Vinha.

"Star Trek: Nautilus"

This video goes out to my (recently fired) manager, you know who you are:

CeeLo Green - "F*** You"


  1. I'm known as "SickFuck" & "Jaybird35" @ The NHB Room at http://www.the-pork.com, where i continue to be amused by the detractors calling themselves screen-names such as "Sarcastic Bastard" that continue to assume they're entirely better than me and everyone else in the room by being so socially-detached despite obviously needing an audience to perform for.

  2. Just got rid of my obnoxious asshole of an assistant manager at work. The kind of two-faced jerk that somehow gets the job via nepotism, keeps their mouths shut as long as there's senior authorities in the room and then goes off on you like a yappy toy-poodle on drugs as soon as the person above them logs out and goes home. I won't name names, they know who they are. I don't know if anyone has had a pushy idiot perfectionist on their shift but mine cared way too much about how to sweep a floor. My idiot was prone to pulling the broom and dustpan out of my hand to show me the right way to do it. Good riddance to over-ambitious impulsive children with turnkey/signatory authority.

  3. Halloween is just around the corner and already we're being bombarded with idiotic human interest stories about whether or not elementary school-age kids should or shouldn't be allowed to wear their costumes to school. It's once a year, people. Let them have this one childhood milestone/rite of passage and get the fuck over yourselves.

    It won't be too long from now before you've got more important things to worry about...tampon and condom dispensers in schools, who pays for it; or, how much sex ed kids should or shouldn't get in schools or at home; or, "porn star" brand clothing (or the company,) sponsoring your kids' cheerleading camp in addition to product placement in increasingly explicit videogames.

    Perspective, people!

  4. On a related note, one stupid fuck Assistant Principal in Texas thought it was a no-brainer to colour in his pupil's hair design with permanent marker due to the fear of the hair design being associated with gang affiliation (WITHOUT) first calling his parents for consent.

    Secondly, considering a permanent marker might have toxic chemicals not meant for human skin, or by forcibly colouring a kid's head with a marker, it might be considered "Assault Of A Minor" by the police or "Abuse Of Authority" and land him on a registered sexual offender/predator website and/or get him fired.